The first, but also the most important step for attracting readers of the post is the title itself. It is up to you whether you will pass this exam and pass on. The first meeting is often the one that will leave the most important impression about you, that is your text.Will Blog Rule the world Image

The title is the one that raises the rating and traffic of the blog. How many people will share your article is one way to find out if the rating was good. Statistics show that most visitors are attracted by six-word headlines. Short and clear – the best formula for success!

We will give you a few tips on how to realize this.

Keywords, tips, effective words have the greatest power to be effective. Remember that is the name of your blog post! Let everyone remember him! You must offer a reward or benefit to the reader in return for the time they will spend reading your post.

What it will be like is defined by the audience that will read it. Format the content as a dialogue. Have you thought about it? What is important to you? The interlocutor, not the reader – this is the person you need. Give answers, not information. Content is the answer. Don’t deviate from the topic and be extensive.

The lists will give the text clarity. With a few words to say a lot, is your main task. Controversy and emotionality are just some of the things you can use.

Meet the different types: Indirect, How to, Why, Command or Title Testimony and only then choose the one that would suit you best.

Use free tools to come up with new ideas of what kind of title you can give to your new post. Some of the tools are: Hubspot blog topic generator, Tweakyourbizz title generator, Fatjoe title generator, Awesome title generator, Answer the public …

The fact that only 80% of people read the title and only 20% read the rest of the text sends you a clear message that this is one of the most important tasks in writing. Try to get the highest grade on it!