Below are four most popular free finance management software solutions.


Extremely functional software, easy and simple to use. This is a good choice for small businesses, It can also help you to allocate your household budget. This software also has very useful additional features. One of them is payroll management support or double posting. To be able to use Gnucash you need to know the basics of accounting software. Data from other programs are imported in dOFX and QIF formats. Software is especially suitable for preparation for taxes. Reporting options are there to help manage money transactions. There are macOS, Windows and Linux versions, as well as Android.


This is great software for people who are new to the digital world. It features good budget planning tools, a good interface and ease of use. You will track all your income and expenses in one place, but also you can withdraw money from different accounts. Good budgeting will save you money. If you have not used such programs before, you can find instructions on the site on how to do it.


Easy and powerful finance software, called HomeBank. This program has no account management limit. It is especially suitable for those who work on multiple platforms. Can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux. It also exists as a mobile application. You can also import data if you have used another financial management program. You are not limited by the number of accounts you can add to the program. You can also connect them to make money transfer faster and easier. The data entered will allow you to make reports to plan future financial


Homemade, and free! Chord start is a software intended for beginners or smaller companies. Its great advantage is that data can be saved and invoiced for free. The data here has crypto protection so there is no possibility of flow between the user and the server. You wont need a consultant to insert simpler logos. You can created and send emails to customers,, track payments and enter them in a very simple way.