Before you learn about the many opportunities offered by e-marketing, we will introduce you to the key steps on how to create a good e-mail campaign that will attract a huge number of new customers.

E-mail marketing is a very important marketing because people today use e-mail every day. To prevent your mail from getting lost in cluttered mailboxes, you need to have an email strategy.

We will introduce you to five steps on how to create an e-marketing strategy.

1. Choose your audience

Choosing the right people to email will be the first step. Pre-determine the profile of your ideal client. To plan your mail campaign you need to know the wishes of your customers well.

2. Establish your goals

To determine your goals, you need to research email statistics in your area. The data you obtain will serve as reference values ​​for your further goals.

3. Allow people to register

You must have a list of people who have approved you to send them emails. There are several ways people can choose to send you emails.

This list may be small at the outset. The process of collecting new contacts is not fast. Don’t let that discourage you. Respecting each subscriber and client is one of the best ways to expand that list.

4. Select an email campaign

There are various email campaigns. Make the right choice that is best for your customers. Think about whether you want to send weekly or monthly information about new products? What kind of blogs are interesting to your users?


Answers to such questions are usually subjective. Ask what kind of email campaigns there are. Create different lists for different addresses so customers can choose the ones that are relevant to them.

5. Make a schedule

Estimate how often you want to contact users. Make a schedule and let clients know in time what they can expect from you. Stick to that schedule so clients don’t forget you.

6. Measure your results

Measurement is a mandatory part of every trade. Carefully determine the parameters that are important to you. Sometimes even a small change can bring big profits.

Your email campaign can begin!