Social networks have taken over the world. There is almost no person who does not use at least one social network. That is why they are an ideal place to promote your website and get to know the wishes and reactions of customers.
Social networks will allow Social media marketers to be among the first on the search engine. Why is the goal of website optimization to be the first? The statistic is that 90% of people search only the first page of Google, and only 70% of people open the first three results.

The principle of operation is SMO optimization, ie. creating the best possible image on social networks. This is a very easy marketing channel to improve communication with customers. People are happy to share quality content with their friends. They become your sales channel. Potential customers will give you information about themselves and give you the opportunity to make your company look like a person who knows them. It is the interaction with you that allows them to express their wishes, remarks and questions to you.

The invested funds will return to you very quickly when you establish a relationship with clients. Your credibility will be higher, the greater their satisfaction with your services.

Satisfied customers will surely accept your invitation to visit your website. Social networks are often places where they search for what they are interested in, so this is a great place to give them an invitation. You will connect with new people day by day through a network of links.

How to realize Social media marketing? You can do this in two ways:

Active SMM promotion
Passive SMM promotion
The first way – active promotion is used by regular updating of links that will take the client to your website and communication in this case is done through pictures, videos, posts. It is up to you to choose one of the social networks: LinkedIN, INstagram. Facebook, You tube, Google, Pinterest.

Which of these networks is your favorite for promotion? Use the convenience of paid promotion, ie. and support your website to increase the number of visitors.

By updating your status, tweets or adding pictures, you will realize a passive promotion. To resolve potential customer issues and improve the customer experience, analyze their reactions. Information about the moment of their reaction is your benefit because you will be able to react immediately and solve the problem.

Active or passive promotion is your choice, and the guarantee given by social networks – you will have the opportunity to improve your search engine space.